a vaccine bottle

20 Diseases Fought by Vaccines

These diseases would be out of control if it weren't for vaccines, so are they really that much of a bad thing?

Feeling stressed out

10 Things That Are Stressing You Out More Than You Think

Stress is a natural part of life, but too much of it can lead to some terrible physical and emotional side effects. We look at 10 things that you might not realize are causing you unnecessary grief.

most popular baby names 2017

The Most Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls

When you’re picking a name for your baby, looking at some of the most popular picks can help you decide. Here’s a look at Mom365’s most common names from 2017 with their meanings and origin. 

gold dollar

Most Valuable U.S. Coins That You May Have

Discover the hidden treasures in your coin collection as we unveil the most valuable US coins that could be in your possession.

Alliance for Automotive Innovation Auto Lobby

Auto Companies That Spend the Most on Lobbyists

Discover how lobbying influences the automotive industry's rules, laws, and technological advancements, defining its global competitiveness.

Man biking down a gravel road to reduce his use of gas

7 Ways to Get Around Without Gas

Instead of pouring all your money into the gas tank, maybe you should try one of these seven gas-free transportation methods.

A wide variety of jobs will see less human workers and more robots as AI technology continues to advance.

38 Jobs That AI Will Inevitably Replace

Artificial intelligence technology has been reshaping the way the world works, including who makes up the labor force. It's surprising how many jobs AI may take over.

jobs ai will replace

Jobs Most at Risk of Being Replaced by AI

There are some jobs that are more at risk of being replaced by AI than others. Here are the ones most in danger. 

Funniest ways people quit jobs

30 Hilarious Ways People Quit Their Jobs

Almost everyone has had a "take this job and shove it" fantasy where you tell off your boss and make a grand, public exit.

tour guides from around the world share their embarrassing tourist stories

Tour Guides From Around the World Share Their Embarrassing Tourist Stories

If you thought that you've witnessed some weird things while on vacation, think again.

glass of milk

30 American Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries

Ever wonder what food isn't allowed overseas? Some of our favorite stuff! Here's what you can't find in other nations.

Tourist destinations that don't exist anymore

50 Tourist Attractions That No Longer Exist

For a time, visitors flocked to these iconic tourist spots. However, these days, the only way to experience them for yourself is Google.. 

Kitchen utensils sitting on kitchen counter

Five Nifty Kitchen Gadgets

Avoid wasting money on kitchen tools you don’t need, and invest in quality, versatile gadgets that make cooking easier, faster, and more fun. Here are five kitchen tools worth your money and limited kitchen space.

overrated wedding songs

Overrated Wedding Songs Everyone is Sick of Hearing

Today, we're taking a look at some of the most overrated and obnoxious songs that always seem to crop up on wedding playlists everywhere.

johnny depp

The Worst Films A-List Actors Ever Made

Being one of the best actors in Hollywood comes with plenty of perks. However, even the best among best have had their flops.


Best Colleges in America, Ranked

Picking the right college is a tough choice, but we suggest aiming for the stars!

worst colleges in america by state

Worst Colleges in America by State

There are a lot of options to choose from, but avoid these at all costs. They won't yield a happy college experience nor a fruitful career in most circumstances.

15 Celebrities with College Degrees

15 Celebrities with College Degrees

There are a surprising number of popular celebrities who have college degrees, yet the public is unaware of who they are.

reasons not to buy toyota

30+ Reasons Not to Buy a Toyota

From limited electric vehicle options and conservative designs to potential drawbacks in performance, technology, and luxury features, Toyota may not be the ideal choice for every buyer. Here, we'll explore 20 reasons why you might want to consider other brands before making a final decision on a Toyota. Let's dive in and examine the reasons why a Toyota might not be the right fit for you!

Mini Cooper Clubman

25 Worthless Foreign Vehicles

Everyone has their favorite cars. Foreign cars have actually begun to dominate the U.S. car market. Then, there are these 25 cars...

highest-selling cars

The Highest-Selling Car From Each Brand

Let's highlight the highest-selling vehicle of each brand, showcasing just what drivers are looking for in this competitive market. Let’s take a look!